• 24 MAY - 14 JUNE


    A Programme of Progressive Performance from the BA(Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice


Performance Writing at Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland, Wilkieston, Edinburgh
Friday 24 May |13:00 – 16:00
(Coach from RCS, Renfrew Street at 12:00) Times TBC

In this exciting collaboration between Contemporary Performance Practice and Jupiter Artland, the student artists present new interdisciplinary performance pieces, which have been created in response to the artworks, sites and outdoor environments of Jupiter. The site-responsive areas of research are diverse, with explorations into intimacy, home, body-landscape connection, the human animal, displacement, desire and capitalism, ownership and ‘nature’, feminine ‘beauty’ and ‘ugliness’, queer identity, masculinity, song and land, and more.

Performances by Genevieve Jagger*, Madeline Granlund*, Ewan Keith-Driver*, Minnie Crook*, Tiia Sorjonen*, and Ryan Morgan*.
Films by Julia Fisher*, Craig McCorquodale*, Charlotte Statham*, Daniel Brown*, Nene Camara*, Rossy Trewin-Marshall*, and Angel Ng*.

Arts in Prisons

HMP Low Moss

HMP Low Moss
Friday 31 May | 9:30
Coach from RCS, Renfrew Street at 09:00
Limited Capacity Sold Out

A performance developed over a one-week residency facilitated by Sanjay Lago^ and Lewis Fraser^; devised and performed by offenders at HMP Low Moss. The residency is supervised by Murray Wason.

HMP Shotts

HMP Shotts
Friday 31 May | 13:00
Coach from RCS, Renfrew Street at 12:30
Limited Capacity Sold Out

A performance developed over a one-week residency facilitated by Grace Ward^; devised and performed by offenders at HMP Shotts. The residency is supervised by Mona Keeling.

Site-Specific Performance

Various Locations
Thursday 6 + Friday 7 June | Times TBA

A curated series of three original site-specific performances at various locations throughout Glasgow by Anya Wigdel-Bowcott^ & Sinèad Hargan^, Emily Picardi^, and Hannah O’Boyle^.

Re-Imagining Classic Text: Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard

Double Bill I

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Chandler Studio Theatre
Wednesday 5 + Thursday 6 June | 19:00
[Tickets will be available through RCS Box Office.]

Here Comes The Sun

Director: Yas Mawer^
Performers: Aggy Evans-Forrest
º, Nell O’Haraº, Gudrun Schmidingerº, Jack Algarº

This rock is becoming too hot to call home. Crops are drying out. Ice is melting. Trees are bursting into flames. Maybe on Mars we’ll be front page news: ‘The Greatest Arsonists in History’. It’s a shame none of us will be around to see it.

Blind Faith

Director: Theo Seddon^
Performers: Dyala Younis
º, Jen Kellyº, Seán Talbotº, Brandon Hindleº

global warming
my mother’s strength
Palestine will be free

I believe in everything and nothing

Double Bill II

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Chandler Studio Theatre
Tuesday 11 + Wednesday 12 June | 19:00
[Tickets will be available through RCS Box Office.]

Age Appropriate

Director: Sinead Price-Greene^
Perfromers: Joe Kinnear
º, Charli Simoneº, Sean McGarveyº, Jess Kucelinº, Cath Allisonº

If we play for hours and hours maybe we’ll find some fun.
Maybe we’ll take it too serious or not serious enough.
Maybe we’ll feel our bodies moving.
Maybe we’ll find togetherness.
Maybe it’s all a bit too much now.
I’m not sure if I want to be a kid again…

I Have Lived a Very Noisy Life And Now I Am Sitting and Regathering My Silence, Which Is What I Came Here To Do In The First Place

Director: Dan Cox^
Performers: Kaia Bartholomew
º, Julia Gabrielle Élise Darrouyº, Rafael Anargiros Tsantesº, Frankii Phoenixº

Your ear is pressed towards their chest and you can hear a carefully put together set of sounds that change you so drastically that you would be in pain without them

And these sounds just fill the silence

And in that moment, there is chaos, uncertainty, self-doubt and self-consciousness and you are reminded of the uncomfortable feeling of being alone

Of being you

In this world

Choreography, People and Place

Present Alignment / Dances for Multiple People

The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, Bellahouston Park
Wednesday 12 + Thursday 13 June | 13:30
Limited Capacity Sold Out

Over 6 weeks 2nd year Contemporary Performance Practice students have worked with the patients, volunteers and staff who form the community at the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice.

There are 24 of us. Our favourite songs include Everybody Hurts, Jar of Hearts and Bohemian Rhapsody. We have danced in the Flam, in Crieff, in Blackpool. We dance together here, collectively arranging intuitive, meaningful movements in and around the hospice


white marble mistakes

chan teck guan egan^ and Stefan Pente

Exhibition Opening + Performance
Saturday 1 June
Carico Massimo, Livorno, Italy

Tuesday 11 June | Time TBA
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

tracing lineages from antiquity to the renaissance, we observe white marble´s influence on representations of whiteness, idealized (white, male) bodies, as well as the facilitation of contemporary white supremacist thought. we navigate questions surrounding bodies which sit heroicized in collective consciousness the bodies of us as individuals.

Propel: Onward

Mugdock Country Park
Friday 14 June | 11:00 – 18:00 (optional BBQ from 18:00)

A day of performed Artist Statements and creative activities at Mugdock Country Park, exploring our place and space in the world as artists and change-makers.

More info coming soon!

^ denotes 4th Year Honours Student
* denotes 3rd Year Student
• denotes 2nd Year Student
º denotes 1st Year Student

Please direct any queries to: j.armstrong@rcs.ac.uk